Tax regimes and compliance regulations change rapidly and with corporate activities in one jurisdiction having a major impact on tax liabilities in others, it is important to stay on top. Through innovative solutions that manage your liabilities, Grant Thornton tax specialists can give you the advice you need to achieve your commercial objectives.

Our tax services are designed to reflect the expectation of the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) and the needs of our clients, from large multinationals and privately held businesses to individuals.

Our tax services include:

  • Transfer pricing - helping clients to comply with transfer pricing rules, in a cost effective and efficient way, as legislation continues to develop.
  • Direct international tax - advising clients on clear and practical tax planning solutions to help manage tax
  • exposure.
  • Global mobility services - helping clients proactively address the challenges of differing regulations so
  • that international relocations meet very specific and complex tax rules.
  • Indirect taxes - providing services, at every stage of a business cycle, to clients that operate across borders making commercial transactions as well as advising clients looking to seize opportunities in new markets.
  • KRA Audit Support Services – KRA audits are rigorous and consume a lot of senior management time. We assist our clients throughout the audit process by assisting in preparation of all the information required and responding to queries by the revenue authority so that the audits are completed more efficiently. Our approach is to facilitate the audit from our offices and involve client senior management only for critical matters so that they can focus on their core responsibilities.

Our Tax

Corporate and business tax

Our trusted teams can prepare corporate tax files and ruling requests, support you with deferrals, accounting procedures and legitimate tax benefits.

Direct international tax

Our teams have in-depth knowledge of the relationship between domestic and international tax laws.

Global mobility services

Through our global organisation of member firms, we support both companies and individuals, providing insightful solutions to minimise the tax burden for both parties.

Indirect international tax

Indirect international tax

Private client services

Our solutions include dealing with emigration and tax mitigation on the income and capital growth of overseas assets.

Transfer pricing

The laws surrounding transfer pricing are becoming ever more complex, as tax affairs of multinational companies are facing scrutiny from media, regulators and the public