Our Services

Our Human Resource Solutions team helps organisations fine-tune their human capital for optimal performance. We support clients in all HR dimension areas underpinned by our deep expertise in talent management and organisation transformation. Our services include:

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Recruitment and Selection
We deploy suitable techniques for attracting, assessing, selecting and placing qualified candidates to fill and on-board job vacancies.

Organization Design
Organisation Structure Review involves understanding the strategic goals, reviewing the existing organization structure and conducting stakeholder sessions to understand internal processes.
We structure an organisational model that is tailor- made to achieve strategic intent and able to optimally enhance continuous improvement, flexibility and innovation. We help you build a structure that drives performance.

Job Analysis
We gather and analyze information about jobs in your organization to create clear and updated job descriptions. These descriptions, aligned with the organization’s structure, strategy, and processes, serve as references for recruitment, training, development, performance evaluation, and career planning.

Job Evaluation
We help to determine the relative value of jobs guided by pre-identified and measurable compensable factors. The result is a clear grading structure to come up with job grades.

Workload Analysis
We help to determine workload levels per job backed-up by measurable frequency, duration and cycle-times of duties associated with a role.

Salary Survey and Structuring
We carry out salary surveys and structuring to help organizations determine the internal fairness and external competitiveness of their employee compensation. This informed decision-making ensures equal pay for work, boosting staff morale and promoting a positive work culture.

Review of Performance Management Framework and Tools
Our team reviews core skills, competencies, and behaviors against which employees are evaluated. After reviewing performance management tools and cycles, trainings are conducted to support the implementation of a new system. Objective performance metrics and processes ensure fair appraisals and rewards, directly impacting the achievement of organizational objectives.

Change Management
We implement initiatives and programs to enhance readiness and adoption of internal and external changes. Our offering supports clients throughout the change journey, ensuring readiness to embrace the impact of change on the organization.

Culture Audit and Transformation
We help organizations align their culture with strategic objectives, values, and purpose. After auditing the current culture, we develop a roadmap for culture change and support the client throughout the transformation journey. 
An enabling culture is essential for achieving strategic plans, so we focus on promoting behaviors that drive the organization towards its strategic objectives.

Training and Development Services
Our training approach involves conducting a needs analysis, delivering training on identified needs, and evaluating effectiveness post-training. Training and development initiatives can unlock staff potential, enhancing professional development and optimizing productivity.

Immigration Support
We support expatriates in obtaining special passes, work permits and alien cards both for themselves and their dependents in a timely manner in line with the legal stipulations. We make the immigration process for you expatriates seamless and in line with the immigration laws.

Human Resource Outsourcing 
We take up and manage the HR department for you, so that you can focus on your core business. We do this either in full or some elements.

Outstaffing Services
Outstaffing is an arrangement whereby staff working at a client are basically employed by Grant Thornton. We manage the end to end employee lifecycle. Outstaffing enables lean organisations to focus on their core purpose leaving out employment administration duties to be handled by a professional HR firm.

Skills and Competency Assessment
Our team carries out Skills and competency assessments to evaluate employees’ abilities to perform their jobs according to job descriptions and competency frameworks. These assessments identify skill gaps and provide recommendations for aligning talent management practices to ensure the right people are in the right jobs. 

Employee Engagement Surveys
We collect and analyse employee feedback along employee satisfaction and engagement dimensions by deploying structured questionnaires and surveys. Our employee engagement survey offering measures the level of engagement amongst employees which influences discretionary effort at work.

Human Resource Audit and Review Human Resource Policies and Procedures
We provide an in-depth assessment of the HR practices through the lens of relevant legal provisions and market best practice. The end result of this process is reviewed HR policies and procedures addressing any gaps noted, helping 
organisations align with the labour laws and market best practice.